Our Story

Mendoza Calix Law is an Immigration Law firm in the heart of Indianapolis, Indiana since 2013. Focusing 100% on Immigration Law, we strive to offer the very best services for our clients.

Meet the Team

Christian A. Mendoza

I was born and raised to a poor family in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, where I lived until I was fifteen years old. There, I learned what necessity really means and what unfairness looks like. However, I was fortunate enough to venture with my mother to the United States, where I have lived ever since. Here, in the United States, I learned that hard work could pay off and persistence could lead me to success. I worked hard, learned English, was the first person in my family to graduate from college, and was certainly the first one to let his ambitions lead the way.

My ambitions took me law school, to work in the field of immigration throughout my entire law school career, and found my own law firm–all with the purpose of helping the Hispanic/Latino community. As a first generation immigrant, I pride myself in my commitment to improving my community and in mentoring others to pull out of the vicious cycles that so often swallow up my community‚Äôs ingenuity. The Hispanic community in Indianapolis is in desperate need for professionals like me who can effectively represent them and who can inform them of their immigration situation. This is the reason why I believe I would be an asset to the practice of law.

My experiences in law school and throughout my legal career have taught me that my skills are best utilized in situations where I can help others in reaching their goals. I also believe in my law firm’s commitment to providing quality legal services through respect, clear communication, and patience when it comes to our clients.